Best Roulette Online Games

When you want to play some games of roulette online, you’ll probably be surprised by just how many versions of the game exist. Not all roulette online games are created equal though and we’re here to tell you how to get the most out of this classic table game.

There are a few different types of roulette online that use different types of wheels. As you would expect, this has an effect on the return to player and how much you can hope to win. In this section of our roulette online guide, we’re going over the most common wheel structures and their effects.

Wheel Variations in Roulette Online

First up, we have European Roulette, which is the one that you’ll run into most often. This uses a single zero that’s green and another 36 numbers, made up of red and black alternating colours. When playing roulette online, you don’t need to worry about any of the etiquette that would go along with playing this in a casino.

If you play a French version of roulette online, then you’ll come across some French terms too. These are mostly to make the European game feel a little more authentic and they don’t change the actual gameplay much.

Lastly, American Roulette online is another game that you will most likely encounter. This uses the double zero system which changes your odds of winning. This is detrimental to your odds but if you play insurance in roulette online then the zeros can pay off a lot. One little known thing about the American Roulette wheel is that the numbers are ordered so that subsequent numbers are across from one another. On the European Roulette wheel these are randomly ordered, though this doesn’t really have any bearing on your odds of winning.

Betting Options in Roulette Online

Something that will have a massive effect on your roulette online success is how you place your chips. Most people will have a vague idea of how these bets work, the more you place the more you can win. If you place bets on wagers that have a high chance of coming up, like on black or even, you’ll get a smaller payout than on more specific bets.

You can also use techniques like spread betting to create a mix of different odds. This allows players to place larger and smaller bets in a variety of positions on the board. This is a favourite technique of many roulette online players, though you must be careful not to place conflicting bets. This would mean if you had one bet that could not be realised unless another bet was lost. This could include betting on black overall but also on a number of red positions too. The biggest element that influences how you do in roulette online is simply your luck! If you have all of the other bases covered with regards to the game you play and how you bet, you just need to keep your fingers crossed for the best outcome.